What's Your Flavor?

Custom Orders

Every order and event is a custom creation, and completely unique. If you have an event where you need kid-friendly desserts and you still want to experiment with something boozy- that's no problem! I can mix and match cakes for any event and cater to any need.  

Classic Confections

I can offer you simple vanilla, or rich, decadent chocolate cakes if you prefer. 

If you like a twist on a classic, try a cookies and cream or a fun fruit flavored cake!    

What's your favorite flavor? Let's chat and come up with something delicious and unique just for you!

Boozy Confections

  If you need a fun way to celebrate a big birthday, engagement party or reunion with old friends?  

 Baking with booze can be tricky, but the results are fun and delightful!

 Jack and Coke, Margarita, Irish Cream, and more! If you have a favorite cocktail, booze, wine or beer lets work together and create a perfect, custom cupcake for your adult get-together!